Hello, we are CrossOver, a southern gospel family singing group located in central Pennsylvania, in the small town of Mahaffey. CrossOver began it’s music ministry at the Pennsylvania State Singing Convention in Martinsburg, Pa. We have had the pleasure of singing, to date, at other gospel sings, church services, along with private dinners and yes even at our local mall. God’s word clearly says, “Go ye into all the world and preach my word” to us, this means we too must go anywhere and sing and witness to others about the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior. We are very thankful, as a family, to be able to do this task and have enjoyed every moment and each new friend we have met along the way.

Special thanks, to each organization that has allowed us to be apart of their event and our goal is to bring the joy of the Lord, through music, to each and every one we meet. May GOD richly bless each one of you and to HIM be all the glory.

 Thank you ....... Beau, Jeanne, Shane and Cortney Litz